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                                                                                   Permanent Cooling System Repair

What is Seal-Up?

Seal-Up is a unique combination of modified sodium silicate (liquid glass) and copper. Whilst in the bottle or mixed with water, it remains liquid with the copper sinking to the bottom.

How does Seal-Up Work?

Seal-Up cures by exposure to the atmosphere and turns into a solid ceramic substance enriched with copper. The copper has two effects: first of all it strengthens the weld and then it transfers heat, thereby helping to eliminate hot spots. Seal-Up bonds with all metals (and even some plastics) and builds a ceramic-metallic weld, which is extremely strong, high heat resistant and permanent for the life of the engine.

How strong is Seal-Up?

Seal-Up will easily repair holes of up to 1mm diameter and cracks of any length up to 0.5mm wide (both of which would result in major coolant loss). Seal-Up, once cured, will withstand temperatures of up to 540ºC (1000ºF) and pressures of up to 3000 psi. It is designed to expand and contract with the radiator or block and is also heat conductive in order to eliminate hot spots. Seal-Up should also be used immediately after an engine rebuild to ensure that the head, gaskets and other weak points in the cooling system are properly sealed. This will help to avoid the frustration of having to 'fix the repair'.

Other information about Seal-Up.

Seal-Up will be most effective if, after treatment, the cooling system is drained and left empty for 2-3 hours or preferably overnight.

Seal-Up, unlike "pour-in-and-drive-off" stop leak products, is suitable for all cooling systems (incl. Rover 800 series) since it is made up of minute particles of less than 1 thou diameter. However, it must not be mixed with coolant!

Seal-Up is supplied in bottles of 323 g (11.4.oz) which will treat cooling systems containing up to 23 litres of water. For larger cooling systems, 2 bottles should be used.


Seal-Up is the world’s first permanent Cooling System repair product.
If you have a blown head gasket, cracked engine block or leaking radiator, Seal-Up will stop the leak permanently, without the need for any expensive and time consuming labour and spare parts.

Seal-Up will repair liquid based cooling systems in :

  • Motor Cars
  • Lorries
  • Agricultural Vehicles
  • Building Site Plant
  • Classic Cars

Seal-Up fixes leaks in:

  • Radiators
  • Engine Blocks
  • Cylinder Heads
  • Water Pumps

Seal-Up is as easy, clean and simple to use as adding anti-freeze.

  • Drain the anti-freeze from cooling system
  • Fill with clean water
  • Run the engine until warm & all valves open
  • Top up the water & add Seal-Up
  • Run the engine until the leak stops (about 20 min.)
  • Drain the remaining Seal-Up and water
  • Leave to cure for 2-3 hours