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Quik Steel
The Muti-purpose 'miracle' cure

Sets Hard as Steel in 15 minutes

Only 7.49 post 50p (UK Only)

Same day dispatch! 

For use in repairs, leaks, cracks and holes.

Adheres to and bonds virtually all solid surfaces including; all metals, wood, masonry, and plastics.

Easy to use putty - just cut off the required amount, knead well and apply.
Sets as hard as steel in just 15 mins.
Seals while leaks are occurring - including diesel and petrol leaks.
Resistant to heat and chemicals ( from -70 to +260 Degrees Celsius)
Stays malleable for up to three years after opening.
Quick Steel can be drilled, sawn, milled, ground, filled, tapped, sanded, painted and lacquered once it has cured.

                               UK ONLY 7.49    


                                                                                                                             Non UK Worldwide 6.99 + ins