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The Veba AVPMK2405 DVD

INCAR PACKAGE is the most compact of the separate screen and DVD systems, whilst audio is presented with a built in speaker the unit also comes with 2 earphones powered by a superb mini-amplifier.

There are also a number of different ways you can use it! Including strapping to the headrest, simply using in between the seats, on placed on the armrest between the front 2 seats if you have 25cm between the seats

Cool features abound on this Veba package, including mini headphones with in-line volume controls and a separate screen on a curly lead. The monitor could be fitted to the back of the headrest with a special pad or screwed to a clever metal bracket, which clipped around the headrest supports. DVD and audio disc performance was very good, and the packaging was impressive. And while there was no mains adapter (only a 12V one) or A/V input, this unit is still our Recommended choice.