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Developed to meet the most recent environmental standards, CATACLEAN is the answer to avoiding expensive repair and parts replacement.

Used as a liquid service tool, CATACLEAN will first clean your vehicles fuel system, improving cylinder fuel burning.

Then it cleans the surface of the catalytic converter improving gas flow and reducing emissions.

CATACLEAN also cleans the upper cylinder, valve heads and stems, improving compression and reducing sticking. Giving better performance in catalytic and non-catalytic engines.

In both petrol and diesel engines it will help to improve fuel consumption and engine performance, reducing smoke emissions by up to 60%

Cleans the Catalytic converter and improves exhaust gas flow.

Reduces exhaust emissions by up to 60%

Reduces diesel smoke emissions by up to 60%.

Cleans and prevents sticking valves.

Helps to improve engine performance and fuel consumption.

CATACLEAN is a completely organic liquid and is environmentally safe

CATACLEAN not only removes deposits of carbon but also prevents fouling of your catalytic converter.

CATACLEAN is the latest development in the field of fuel-system cleaners, developed by System Products to meet the most recent environmental standards.

CATACLEAN rapidly and thoroughly dissolves resin, gum, carbon and similar deposits in the fuel system, lambda probe and catalytic converter.

CATACLEAN is suitable for both petrol and diesel engines and is also very easy to use.

CATACLEAN not only removes deposits of carbon but also prevents fouling of your catalytic converter.

Catalytic converters are now fitted to both petrol and diesel engines and contribute to a high level of reduction in harmful exhaust gases such as hydrocarbon (HC) and carbon monoxide (CO). The exhaust gases pass through a honeycomb brick, which is coated with noble metals, for example platinum, palladium and/or rhodium that converts undesirable unburnt hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide and water, nitrogen oxides to nitrogen and water.

Faulty combustion can cause extensive damage to the catalytic converter, this is why it is important that the engine runs efficiently and smoothly and the air-fuel ratio mixture is in the correct proportions.

What happens if your engine is not running efficiently?

The catalytic converter can become clogged and the surface coated with carbon deposits leading to inefficient and poor conversion of the exhaust gases. In some extreme cases the exhaust gases are so restricted that they try to pass either side of the honeycomb monolithic brick causing it to break up into small pieces.

How Cataclean can help avoid these (in most cases expensive) problems.

By simply adding Cataclean into the fuel tank it immediately starts to work, cleaning the catalytic converter and removing carbon deposits from its surface, resulting in improved fuel combustion and conversion of exhaust gases within the catalytic converter, saving expensive parts and fuel costs. Independent laboratory tests have proven that Cataclean will reduce exhaust emissions by up to 60%.

CATACLEAN has been tested and proven over the past three years including independent laboratory testing reports carried out by MTC, Sweden. European and USA patent applications also protect the product.

Most exhaust gas pollution is at its highest when the engine is run at low speeds or idle. This is also when the catalytic converter is at its greatest risk from contamination. System Products has a library full of test data that is open to any examination ranging from lawn mowers to 36-ton trucks over the past three years.

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